Culture Navigator is a Mastery Program that increases the level of culture change capability within an organisation.

Organisational culture is critical to business success, so why do

over 75% of corporate culture change attempts fail?


Change is constant and the culture of an organisation is an undisputed enabler or disabler of change, so why does organisational culture remain stubbornly underleveraged?


The list of contradictions and questions go on but there’s something even more interesting.


An alarming number of business leaders (nearly half in a recent global survey) don’t believe their company’s culture is effectively managed and, they don’t feel they have the capability to manage it.


So with change not going away and culture’s impact on performance becoming more evident, educating management to better deliver sustainable culture change is paramount.



“In underestimating the importance of culture on performance, organisations make the mistake of inadequately resourcing culture change, neglecting the level of skill, seniority and commitment required which results in mediocre change and unrealised benefits.”

                                                                                                                                                                                        Christina Kirk



















A future fit organisation is one that is agile, responsive and adaptable and one in which the culture enables and reinforces those characteristics. This is not a one-off exercise.


It requires a level of culture awareness and knowledge as well as the individual and social intelligence together with discipline to deliver on this.


We build teams of culture experts who model agility, responsiveness and adaptability; which are equipped to deliver complex change and become the 'eyes and ears of culture’. We develop skills and talent, make leaders out of managers, transfer knowledge and expertise; and co-design systems and processes to embed the culture change.


People become culture masters and continue to build on their organisation-wide understanding of the business to develop a culture that is future-fit and agile.


The bottom line is that culture change is more successful and less disruptive if there are mature, skilled culture change leaders and teams within the organisation who can navigate the complexity of transformation in a disciplined and

well-informed manner.


About | why

Here's the thing...

We created Culture Navigator as a culture mastery program to increase the level of culture change capability within organisations … so that organisations can more effectively deliver their culture transformation programs, in-house, at significantly lower cost than outsourcing it to external providers, whilst building the skills and attitudes essential for future fit performance into the organisation’s DNA.


It equips leaders and teams with the knowledge, practice and insight into the fundamentals of successful culture change and transformation; and develops the necessary level of maturity, insight and practical ‘warriorship’ to lead culture change that enables the successful delivery of strategic objectives.


It is specifically designed to transform the thinking and attitudes of executives and change teams about how to work with the complexity of culture.

Educating leaders

          to better deliver


                      culture change

a culture mastery program


About | who would benefit

Culture Navigator is intended for organisations facing the necessity to transform rapidly and immediately.


Transformation team leaders who know their people need to take their knowledge and capacity to the next level in order to deliver the work at hand.


People who already have skill and experience in OD, HR, change or culture transformation but want to take their practice to the next level.


People who want to deepen their understanding of and ability to work with individual and group behaviours.


Senior managers or executives charged with the responsibility of a specific culture change initiative.


They will be people who know there is more that can be done to create workplace cultures that are fit for the future;

and that their leaders could be better supported to undertake changes in culture that will deliver the necessary adaptation or performance over the long term.

About | our research




We’ve identified three differentiators of successful culture change effort.


…  an integral, whole systems approach.  That is, an approach that addresses the soft and hard, tangible and intangible, internal and external forces that impact performance.  One that systematically aligns all the critical organisational shapers with individual and collective mindsets, enabling delivery of the desired results in a sustained way.


 …  the development of organisational maturity, leadership capability and the cultural intelligence of the

change team and key sponsors. The degree to which the team understands how culture works and what drives and motivates people to behave in a particular way, defines their ability to minimise risk, reduce stress and adapt quickly to the culture as it changes. This ensures that each stage of change is sustainable over the long term.

The mindsets and biases of the team responsible for the change will define the culture change project – for better or worse. When the change team are aware of their own internal operating models, they

are better able to identify the mindsets of others and better equipped to design

a change process that includes and improves on the status quo. For this reason,

the culture mastery program includes a high level of personal awareness training.


…  a whole systems culture toolkit that aligns and links complex activities

across the whole organization whilst minimizing business disruption

and maintaining an unrelenting focus on the performance outcome

 intended. To that end, the Culture Navigator Culture Shaper Framework

provides structure, discipline and predictability while the

organisation transitions to new ways of producing outcomes.

We both have post-graduate degrees in social ecology, specifically working with the personal, social and organisational aspects of how people organise themselves to produce measurable outcomes. Christina has recently formalised that knowledge in a PhD on complex culture change.


Christina holds the ‘tangibles’ perspective, utilising her skills in technology, program management, implementation, integrated systems and processes and her disciplined focus on outcomes, performance and benefits realisation. Working over decades on large-scale change in global and national corporations, she has developed powerful and penetrating insights into what will and will not work in culture change.


Gai’s perspective addresses the more intangible aspects of social intelligence … individual and group behaviour, values and motivation; how people learn and change, how to align the systems, processes and metrics to harness the values of the culture to deliver improved performance.



Who | we are

We are both change agents … albeit coming from  opposite and complementary points of view …

Gai Stephanie Roper

 MappSci (Social Ecology)

Grad. Cert

(Adult Education-Learning)




Dr Christina Kirk

PhD, MappSci

(Social Ecology)

With a long and substantial history in leading edge personal development, Gai is a master of personal transformation, guiding people to shift mindsets and inspiring groups and teams to change the way they work together to achieve intended outcomes.


Over the years, we have created a synergy of these two perspectives in order to leverage culture for performance through the development of high-powered, knowledgeable and skilled in-house teams.


Teams that are able to unlock the vast untapped talent of an organisation which is just itching to go to the next level.

For more information on our individual experience visit our Linkedin pages.

Culture Navigator provides the services of subject matter experts who are leaders in their field. We work with these leaders because what they do works consistently with high impact and sustainability.


Our strength is that we will match specific client needs with the corresponding leaders in the field. We rely on these specialists to bring capability and wisdom to critical aspects of culture transformation such as communications and behavioural change and the unique demands of key industry sectors such as the public service.



Christine Narramore

Engagement, Communication,

Marketing, Brand

Anthea Green

Public Service, Senior Leadership & CEO Mentorship, Board Development, Organisational Performance

David McCubbin

Large Group Engagement, Communication Skills and Leadership Development

As an



Programs | Culture Navigator can be accessed in a variety of ways

The objective is to develop a knowledgeable team capable of designing, planning and executing complex transformation. A team with the capacity to sustain a long-term project, communicate with all levels of the organisation, maintain customer focus, manage stakeholders and track, monitor and assess the impact of the culture change on the whole enterprise. A team focussed on achieving the performance outcome and ensuring the intended benefits are realised.


The program begins with ensuring there is a robust culture change plan, purpose built around strategic and performance imperatives, strategic initiatives underway and aligning the organisation’s critical culture levers (metrics, KPIs and systems). With the plan as a foundation, key learning modules are tailored to the purpose, timing, requirements and staffing of the transformation.


Groups of 14-16 can be accommodated in the intensive culture mastery program and are generally a mix of senior HR and OD leaders/managers and senior executives needing to develop their ability to design lead and manage a large-scale culture or business transformation.  It is important to note, however, that Culture Navigator is not a training course … it is a transformational development program centred on the individual participant’s learning journey and focussed on the organisational culture. It begins with a personal assessment of stages of adult development and specifically works with the strengths of each individual.


Each individual completes the program with a significant shift in their own performance, increased knowledge and expertise and a more executive outlook on the business as a whole.


The organisation benefits from the high-level supervision of the team which occurs through the learning process, an increased level of culture and change knowledge within the organisation and a more effective communication system to sustain ongoing adaptation and change.

 Consultancy Services

As a public


We work with organisations and transformation teams to provide a ‘fast start’ to large, enterprise-wide transformation projects or to realign or re-energise a transformation program and team mid-project which has got to the ‘almost there’ stage. Culture Navigator can provide the perspective to identify opportunities, current realities, ‘quick fixes’ or tailored interventions to keep the project on track or to shift it to the next level.



A dedicated, 4-month learning and personal transformation process delivered in a series of four, 3-day workshops for up to 12 participants, supported by action learning projects based in current work assignments, peer group learning sessions and personal development coaching.


The program is led by two highly experienced culture transformation practitioners, supported by business leaders and subject matter experts invited in to address specific learning needs of the participants. Action learning focus is based on the live work situations of the participants to be addressed. It’s the potent combination of senior culture change leaders, with hand picked leaders, combined with the knowledge and experience of the individuals and the group which acts as a strong catalyst for further learning.


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